meet the designer


Our company was founded BY MOMS- FOR KIDS.From concept to creation, all our products have been designed with YOU in mind.

A functional start.

This is the discovery about a long story made short. An effortless take to a cool brand that is as fashion forward as it is buoyant. This is how the wait almost beat the weight, while leaving the mission intact and the product even better than before.

A seasonal perspective.

Our brand started with a seasonal eureka moment. It was with a summer (Aug) and school (Sept) collection that the lightweight brand was born. Focusing on little backs and young shoulders, the slouch generation would find 8+9 to combine comfort and style with a penchant for numbers. (Weight, anyone?)

A broader view.

Just as our bags traveled the globe, so did the inspiration. No longer only a seasonal vibe, the little 8+9 movement grew at a fast and furious speed, spanning global retail and outliving the intended calendar months. Here to stay, there was no expiration date or exception to how one can use the iconic bags.

A success story.

Introducing, Light + Nine, the everything bags that invite less weight into your life with way more fun than you’ve ever imagined possible. You see, light as a cloud, we’ve taken bags to cloud nine for a happiest state of mind on all your travels.

Pack light. Wear lighter.